Figs and Ink

12 Apr

One of the big choices (and most personal) to make for a wedding is COLOR. The black-red-silver wedding has a completely different feel from the lime-pink-white one. Color should reflect the couple, the season, and the tone of the wedding. Obviously.

Sites like Snippet and Ink provide incredible inspiration boards full of color and tone. I became sliiiiiightly obsessed with this site at the onset of our planning.

We started out thinking we’d go with blues and greens (me being a blue girl, Eric into green)…

… with black bridesmaid dresses and white accents.

After a whole lot of looking, however, I found THIS gem:

Which made me feel like going with a LOGICAL choice of colors might not be the best bet. If I have learned one thing in wedding planning, it is that you need to go with emotional decisions instead of logical ones (in regard to color, style, etc. Logical decisions are OK when, for example, you’re planning your schedule). I loved the unique formality of the navy blue vs. the black- and I LOVED the blush pink next to the dark, corally pink.

We tried to implement the colors without looking like we were choosing things JUST because they matched- we spent a long time with Pantone books and paint chips and fabric swatches. We were careful with our pinks. We tried to leave plenty of things plain (we used wood and white a lot). Color should be used tastefully- don’t just toss any old stuff onto your tables just because they’re the colors you’re using.


One Response to “Figs and Ink”

  1. megan April 20, 2011 at 6:16 pm #

    i love the inspiration photos, and the end result is so beautiful!

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