Kid Bags!

14 Sep

Part of the benefit of having a big family is having lots and LOTS of kids around. I credit most of my good qualities from this particular feature of our family, as I believe kids are the best people in the world, and with the most insight. Because of this, I wanted to make sure the kids at our wedding knew we were thinking about them, and that we wanted them to have a good time.

some of the incredible kids at our wedding.

I kicked around several ideas. We thought we might have a “kid room” filled with Wii TVs, cots for stretching out, coloring tables, etc. It kind of got vetoed since we didn’t have a great spot for it at the venue. We also GENUINELY considered getting a bounce house. The venue looked at me like I was nuts when I asked if we could have it- and then basically said no. HA! Who doesn’t love bounce houses?

See? Even newlyweds like to bounce.

I enlisted the help of my bridesmaid/confidant/double cousin Carolyn to help me with the task. Not only is she mega kid-oriented, but she’s a craftaholic like me. She suggested we make little bags for each kid, filled with activities, and pass them out to the tables after the ceremony.

And where else would I look for inexpensive, fantastic kid treats than….

My sister and I would pore over these catalogs and buy all kinds of cheap plastic goodies at low, low prices. It was the perfect spot to find a variety of kid stuff for our guests. We ended up with the following (amongst other things):

Mini Water Ball Yo-Yos

Zoo Animal Tattoos

Animal Masks

Personalized Carnival Crayons — These were INCREDIBLE! We made them say “Rachel and Eric Get Hitched, 02-05-11″… SO CUTE

Die Cast Cars for the Dudes

Flower Rings for the Chicks

Carolyn put them together in the most adorable little bags with each kid’s name on it. Lamentably, they didn’t get passed out on the actual day (I noticed too late- at 10 pm- that they were still sitting against the wall). I was so distraught over this that I sent them in the mail to each kid after the big day was over (they were just too darned cute).

I will say, however, that the kids should have been the least of my worries. They made themselves the stars of the show. They danced until they dropped. They ran around and socialized with the best of them. The kids in my family don’t need no stinkin’ kid bags. They make their own way.


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