our wedding

photo credit ashley forrette

In October of 2009, Eric proposed that we get hitched. Being the creative souls that we are, we knew our wedding would be something different than what we had seen before. We plunged ourselves into a year and a half of obsessive wedding planning. And by We, I mean Me. We love color, texture, and detail. We love graphic elements formed by the repetition of shapes and details. We did our best to put these ideas into action at our wedding. We are also broke as a joke, and had a 240+ person wedding for under 20k. It was an incredible experience, worthy of documentation. There were too many awesome discoveries and mishaps to leave behind. It wasn’t easy, and I didn’t do it alone. It took a lot of reorganizing, shifting, adjusting, haggling, and drafting to get things the way we wanted them. It took a lot of paper mockups, PSDs and research. So here it is, folks. A guided tour of the insane details, documents, performances, flowers and follies that made February 5th the best day of our lives.

photo credit bethany raelene

photo credit bethany raelene


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