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The Family

17 Mar

I have written many “about me” papers in my life- tons of classes, resumes, and applications require them. Every single paper I have written begins like this:
“I come from a very large, loving family.”

What does “large” mean in this instance? Over 30 aunts and uncles, and 40+ first cousins. I’ve heard of people having big families like this. Inevitably, however, these big families are not very close. That’s not the case with us. I see most of my family at least a couple times a year- and the rest of them every other year or so. I’m friends with all of them on Facebook (hey, that’s something!) and know what their lives are like, and what they sound like when they laugh.

This family- almost every single one of them- came forward for our wedding and provided immeasurable, perfect help. My cousin Carolyn spent hours preparing bags full of goodies for the kids to play with during the wedding. My grandma got our bobble heads for us and made amazing gourmet nuts for every single table to enjoy. Dozens of my cousins — from age 5 to 35 — helped by passing out programs, coordinating the rehearsal, singing, playing, bearing signs and checking coats.

My aunts spearheaded the decoration team, folding napkins, divvying up silverware, and placing table names. My uncles practiced and performed glorious music, and my Uncle Chris lovingly read for our ceremony.

Having a family like this is like living in a kick-ass house. It’s having a place to come home to, walls to rely on, a bed to sleep in, and a fantastic sound system to pump loud, singable music into your life. It’s a pool in the summer, a heater in the winter, books in the evening and orange juice in the morning.

Our wedding would have been half as big without our family. I mean that in a literal sense (over 120 people at the wedding were CLOSELY related to us), and in a metaphoric sense. The day was so much richer, deeper, more meaningful– literally BIGGER– because of the relatives who gave themselves to the creation and execution of it.

Thank you, zany family. We couldn’t have done it without you. We love you.


Eric’s Ring

6 Mar

As we all know, my darling Eric is not exactly conventional. He doesn’t like things to be generic (mostly because it rhymes with his name). In this day and age, you don’t just get a shiny yellow gold ring like everyone else. There are so many options!

None of these cool, “different” options were working for Eric, though. He wanted a ring that he knew he would like for years to come. The first one we really got excited about was this fantastic ring from Beth Cyr on etsy:

…which we really appreciated for its organic feel and soft color.

Then we found Jesse Danger. This incredible metalsmith works from his cool, gritty shop in Salem, MA. His “Love is on the Inside” rings have two metals melded together. The metal on the inside represents your love for each other- never changing. The outside metal, exposed to the elements, represents your bodies, that change with time. Isn’t that freaking cool?! We thought so.

Even cooler was THIS: We were on the East Coast for our Cape Cod family reunion, and my dad and I snuck off to Salem to pick up the ring. We got to meet Jesse- and he was AWESOME! We got to see his shop and hang out with him a little bit. His work is absolutely impeccable.

I proposed to Eric (like I had wanted to anyway for years before he popped the question) at the family baseball game. He said YES! What a surprise 😉

The Proposal

21 Feb

I started writing another entry, and I realized it would be ridiculous to continue on without giving credit to Eric for his absolutely incredible proposal. We had been together for a long time- and I am not a patient person. I had been bugging him endlessly about getting me a dang ring. I had already picked this one out, and ran it by him (he approved):

At long last (after 4 years of being together), Eric made a plan. I’ll tell you MY end of the story 🙂

A year prior, we had taken this photo for our Christmas cards. We sat on a bench, between two lampposts, on the bridge just feet away from our newly inhabited Portland apartment.

We had tried taking shots during other seasons (one snowy one came out cool but it’s gone missing). I told Eric I wanted more pictures on the bench, so it wasn’t weird when one day I got a text from him saying “hey, i got a gorilla-pod for the camera”… to which, of course, I responded, “oooh! let’s take a photo on the bridge!”… not knowing I was landing directly in the center of his trap!

We went out to dinner at Montage, one of our favorite spots. We went to the mall to get some new jeans. I fell down the stairs and busted my foot open (Eric, at this point, was crapping his pants, hoping I didn’t need to get taken to the hospital). We drove to the bridge, and upon seeing the bench, realized it was totally flooded. I said several times “let’s just skip it!” but Eric was persistent, so I swooshed as much of the water off as I could, and sat in the leftover puddle.

I sat in my position, smiled, and as the camera started taking photos, Eric got down on one knee and told me he always knew I was the one. He asked me to marry him, and I said (of course), YES!

He had set up the camera to take a photo every ten seconds, so we have incredible documentation of the glorious moment:

After that, I told him I wanted to show our friends the ring. My pants were soaking wet, however, so I told him I wanted to go back to the apartment to change. He said we could. We went upstairs, and as we made our way down the hall, he said, “just so you know, I had something brought up to the apartment.” Thinking I might open the door to a room full of flowers, I stepped across the doorway into darkness. We walked in, and suddenly someone turned on the lights. “CONGRATULATIONS!!!”… screamed my entire Portland family AND my Californian family… my sister, mom, dad, Grandma, and HIS mother and stepdad. Eric just knew. Portland is the place for us- it fits us in every way- and the only complaint (albeit a large one) that I have about the city is that it’s so far from my immediate family. I can’t barely stand it! He knew to have them there to celebrate the moment with us. It was the perfect way to spend the evening- our first as an engaged couple.

The Video of the Surprise