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1 Mar

I am SO excited to be writing this blog today. Our wedding had a definitive BRAND to it- and it was all thanks to our good best friends Jolby: Josh Kenyon and Colby Nichols. We had recently become good friends with them (just months before our engagement) and we had the idea to have them design our invites. The words were barely out of our mouths before they were saying YES YES YES!

We started by giving them a couple of ideas, one of which was this:

We knew we wanted a lot of pattern on the back, and a front with our information on it. Invitations are one of those things where I feel like there’s a lot of waste of paper happening in the world. We went over our guest list and decided of the 350 people we were inviting (I know, I know) only about 5 of them were technologically challenged. The rest of our guests could definitely log onto our website and get all the other pertinent information from there. We decided to do a single page invite and save the paper and printing hassles.


Josh sent us this image to see if we liked the amount of swirlies/pattern intricacy:

Once we cleared that, he sent us THIS- his first go at the pattern:

We loved it, but felt like there was some “-olby” missing. Colby is known for his whimsical characters and Josh for his pattern and texture work— we felt a lot of Josh, but not enough Colby. And if you know Colby, you know the more, the better. He’s a beast.

After working on it a bit more, they came back to us with this:

Colby added those adorable suns to represent Fresno (our hot hometown) and the stumps for Stumptown (Portland’s nickname). It was JUST what we were looking for: something that felt like a wedding invitation, but still had some whimsy, and something that was DISTINCTLY us. Honestly, we were blown away. The shock and excitement didn’t end… then Josh started playing with colors:

…blowing our minds further. We discussed colors, looked at Pantone books and held them against fabric and paper we were using for other details, and they worked diligently to come up with details for the stumps. We cleaned up picky points. At long last, here was the end result:

This incredible pattern was the basis for so. many. things. As this blog progresses, you will see the intensity with which we applied this pattern to every single last little detail. We owe endless thanks to Josh and Colby. Without them and their insane expertise, creativity, and skill, our wedding would not have been what it was. Thank you, boys!